About the Series

The World of Sominia

The creation story of Sominia begins when the Goddess Zdena, after the world was created and life began. The earliest humanoids – each with their own distinct strengths and flaws were placed with a careful intention into the world, comprised of three unique settlements. It is at this point, it is said that Zdena went into a deep slumber, tired from creating Sominia, leaving her creations to adapt and thrive.

Genre & Mindset

High Fantasy Setting with Dark Fantasy Influences, Dreams of Sominia is a Young Adult Fantasy set in a world drifting on a relative plane in a different universe than ours. In that Universe, our world, Earth consists on a higher plane and as a result, the dreams and creations of everyday people craft the ideals of the lower plane. Sominia, a lower plane world, is a land of beauty, wonder and yet shrouded with a veiled history of politics, bloodshed, and deceit.

A story unlike none other

Sominia: a mystical world fractured by politics and warring races, created long ago by the power of a goddess who feeds from the dreams of our world. A fantasy epic spanning multiple dimensions; Several Heroes must overcome their struggles and differences to save not only their world, but the fate of ours as well. Follow Emelia and her newfound allies she finds herself mysteriously landed in a world of politics and deceptive intrigue.

About the Author

Amy Barrett is currently a Senior Lead Developer for Seknah Entertainment LLC, an indie game studio based in Sacramento, California and previously worked as a Web Development consultant helping nonprofits and start-ups with programming, database management, and overall system designs for server management. Her educational background is engulfed in a myriad of success in the advance concepts of Programming and Network Administration education and training as well as the artistic topics of Color Theory and Digital Design with the belief that such rounded education and experiences have ensured her success in the overall construct of crafting new worlds.

From working as Chief Editor for her high school’s newspaper and yearbooks in the Bay Area, to the accumulation of acceptance into Honorary Societies in college, Amy has always enjoyed writing as a passion.  While she currently resides in Northern California with her three felines and quiet fiance, Amy is prone to procrastinating in her free time in online gaming and drawing terrible art.  Her other hobbies including hiking, amateur cartography, and designing new worlds.

What Our Beta Readers Say

Gavin H.

"I have not been this excited to read a book in years. I just finished the first chapter and I'm hooked!"

David R.

"Into the dream is a book that will grab you and not let you go, you will not put down this book The perfect mix of action and fantasy this is a masterful story. I am addicted to every word and can not wait to read the rest of it."

Sami C.

"Highly engaging and and entertaining journey. This writer needs to write faster - the story is that addicting."

Brian R.

"The book brings the coldness of our reality to an opportunistic world of fantasy in a stylistic and fluid way that reach those who have yet to face reality."

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